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Cleaning and Maintenance – Solid Surface

Always start your cleaning routine with the basic clean and move to a deep clean is necessary.

Basin Basic Clean
Spills should be cleaned promptly. Clean with a mild detergent or soapy water and a soft, sponge or non-scratch scourer*.

Basin Deep Clean
For a deep clean and to remove cosmetics, ink and other colour agents that may leave marks use a diluted very mild abrasive cleaner*¹ with a soft cloth in light circular motions. For stubborn marks or staining a light buff in circular motions using diluted very mild abrasive* cleaner with non-scratch scourer* will generally restore the finish.

Basin Intense Clean/Repair
For extreme marks and light scratches a very light buff in circular motions using the fine grade sand/glass paper*¹ will restore the surface. A heavier grade of sandpaper will scratch the surface, which can be removed by then using a light sand paper.

Softskin Basic Clean
Clean with warm soapy water or non-acidic, non-abrasive, mild detergent and soft cloth. Finish by cleaning off detergents with a soft wet cloth and towel dry.

Important notes
For best results finish by wiping surface clean of all detergents and dry with a soft clean cloth. Regular cleaning will assist to keep your solid surface and cabinetry looking fantastic and reduce wear and dirt build up.

For consistent appearance with your solid surface, it is best to give the entire surface of the product the same clean/sand. Avoid applying excessive pressure on clean/rub the same area for a prolonged period of time, unless repairing a scratch or damage.

Never use sharp products such as steel wool or aggressive, commercial grade / strong cleaners or chemicals (e.g. acetone, Trichloroethylene, acids and caustics soda) as these may damage and scratch the surface. Only use your Venice basin cleaning instructions on your Venice basin as these cleaning methods may cause damage to other products, materials and finishes which will not be covered by your warranty.

* Always test ‘non-scratch’ and ‘mild abrasive’ products in a non-conspicuous area first to ensure suitability as brands can differ.

¹Your basin has been supplied with a white non-scratch scourer and a fine grade sanding pad.

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