Omvivo have displays in our resellers showrooms around Australia and a studio for designers based at our head office in Tullamarine Victoria.

We have resellers across Australia, and around the globe.   You can enter your location into our reseller finder or contact us for further assistance.

Omvivo have an Australian Recommended Retail Pricelist.  We do not provide a recommended retail price for our overseas resellers as freight will determine their costs.   If you would like a quote for an Omvivo product, get in touch with your closest reseller or contact us for assistance.

For retail clients, it is best for you to go directly to your closest reseller for accurate pricing based on your location and delivery requirements.

For project and commercial quotations, contact us directly to chat with one of our friendly team.

Much of Omvivo’s collection is available in stock.

In Australia these items take between 5-10 working days to order.

Omvivo’s joinery is made to order and usually takes around 4-5 weeks to produce.

For project and large orders delivery time frames will be included in the quotation.

Omvivo are a wholesale company and sell through our great network of Resellers.

If you do not have a reseller in your country, contact us so we can help facilitate your order.

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Omvivo’s design and production team work with the best manufacturers in Australia, China and around the globe.  We never compromise on design or manufacturing quality.

Omvivo’s products are designed in Australia by our Omvivo design team.  We also collaborate with great designers from around Australia on new collections and projects, such as Carr Design Group and Adele Bates.

Omvivo warranties vary depending on the product, however the vast majority of our products come with a minimum 5 year warranty.

Wish list on our website, is purely designed so you, our viewers can narrow down your selection.  Browse our full selection, tag what appeals to your eye then reflect on them all in wish list.

We have several resellers around the globe.  You can check to see where your closest resellerResellers is.  If you do not have a reseller in your country, contact us and we can help facilitate your order.

Most products can be returned for an exchange or credit and it is worth noting that all returns must be within 30 days of receipt and a 15% re-stocking fee applies.

Yes of course, full installation information and drawings are provided at time of purchase.

The name ‘Solid Surface’ encapsulates materials such as Corian®, Marblo®, Cristalplant®, High Mac®, Staron®, Satine and more.

Solid Surface is created from acrylic or polyester with natural minerals to create a material with unequalled advantages and versatility. The contemporary aesthetic is appealing for architectural environments and is fast becoming the design staple for modern residential and commercial projects.

For Omvivo, Solid Surface is an obvious choice. From a design perspective there are few limitations and it allows for unique and seamless creation. Omvivo Solid Surface principally has a smooth matt finish which is complimentary to Omvivo’s unique contemporary designs while the quality, durability and lifespan of the material respect the brands philosophy.

For the consumer, Solid Surface offers a more contemporary and attractive finish than typical ceramic product. Quality Solid Surface is a homogeneous material throughout and is strongly resistant to staining. Stains will not penetrate the material, scratches and marks can be buffed out and in many cases scratches and damage can be repaired.

When you purchase an Omvivo product you are provided with a Care and Maintenance pack which outlines everything you need to know to keep you product stunning.

You can download a copy of the Care and Maintenance Instruction  or watch the Care and Maintenance video