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Omvivo’s Made Collection

Shaped by the drive to create a wholly Australian produced range of products that are unique, attractive and functional, in the most sustainable way possible.

Producing a quality product using high quality, sustainable materials and methods.

Everything we create revolves around, and is inspired by the cleansing powers of water.  As a business and personally, we strongly believe in protecting and preserving our oceans for now and the future.



Our Commitment 

  • Produce product with minimal waste
  • Use no disposable plastics
  • Ensure product is produced using sustainable and reputable materials
  • All tech literature to be printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper



Our vision for MADE?

  • Making products in Australia supports the Australian Economy; We support local jobs, education, advancing local skills and back local businesses and industries.
  • Buying Australian made products also helps to reduce the energy consumption used to transport products, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • For Environmental Sustainability – In addition to adhering to strict labour, business, safety and quality control standards, Australian businesses must also follow stringent environmental guidelines and policies.



Why Choose MADE for your project?

  • Improved Customisation and Customer Service – We can incorporate any specific requirements to suit customer needs including customising the design, colour, and our friendly team always available to answer your questions
  • Better Lead Times
  • Creating sophisticated, superior quality product, built for longevity results in greater return on investment and less landfill.

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The timeless elegance of the Pond basin is ideal for both contemporary and more traditional interiors. The shallow vessel appears to float above the benchtop.



The Omvivo Washplane® is one of the most luxurious bathroom fittings available and is designed to simplify, yet enhance the bathroom experience.

Marrakech Mirror Basin

Marrakech Mirror Basin

New Release – Marrakech Mirror Basin

Cubo Washplane


Cubo Washplane – New Release

Interested in our MADE collection – submit enquiry below and our team will contact you to discuss the endless possibilities.