FAB Basins

A bespoke masterpiece handcrafted in Melbourne, seamlessly merging multiple bowls into a singular, lustrous statement of opulence, where durability meets sensualities.

The Omvivo Fab basin is a bespoke solution designed to seamlessly incorporate any number of bowls into a single seamless piece to suit specific project requirements.  Made by hand in Omvivo’s Melbourne studio, Fab can be designed as a wall basin, benchtop with integrated bowls or even a freestanding basin.  The options are endless!

Fab basins are produced using superior 100% Acrylic Omvivo Solid Surface™.  Durable, hygienic and silica free, Omvivo Solid Surface is a safe and beautiful material.  The satin white finish can be restored after heavy wear and tear, scratches can be buffed out and even damage such as a chip can often be repaired.


  • Safe – Silica Free
  • Hygienic
  • Repairable
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Superior Quality

Choose you Bowl Shape 

Smooth Square




Projects Featuring Omvivo Fab Basins 

Projects Featuring Omvivo Fab Basins