Ovolo Laneways

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Client: Hind Group
Location: 19 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
Project Type: Four-Star Hotel
Architect: HASSELL
Interior Design: HASSELL
Products: Mint 550 and 800 basins and bespoke cabinets

The boutique Ovolo Lanways Hotel is Hind Group’s first international property and includes 43 rooms comprising 5 different design options. Our Mint 550 and 800 basins which originated from collaboration with HASSELL, are featured throughout the property and enhance the bathroom experience effortlessly.

The Mint basin is a minimalist functional chic design ideal for modern living. The sharp designer lines, smooth finish and compact dimensions are partnered with a deep bowl, ensuring absolute practicality and fresh style for the bathroom.

“There was nothing existing on the market that fit the brief for a compact basin with the required 12 litre bowl and side bench suitable for apartment living. Proportionally the large bowl needed to sit comfortable with the scale of the vanity yet create a generous presence in a compact bathroom. The unique proportions, clean crisp aesthetic and refined simplicity are the Mint 800 vanity basin.”    Jaclyn Iles, Senior Designer, HASSELL

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