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  • Onda Custom Washplane by Omvivo Sydney Opera House

    Antibacterial benefits of Solid Surface Finish

    Omvivo’s collection of Washplanes are designed to turn the everyday routine into a luxury experience.  Washplanes are ideal for both residential and commercial environments due to the Solid Surface material.  The sleek appearance of the Omvivo Washplanes feature concealed plumbing, installed into a wall cavity.

    The generous structure and clean lines of the Washplanes offer a strong and uncomplicated design.

    The iconic solid surface finish of the Omvivo  Washplanes, basins and benchtops create a smooth seamless surface including joins, which means there is no-where for germs and virus’ to hide.

    With solid surface, imagination and elegance along with safety and functionality can be achieved in the design of the bathroom.

    Cleaning and hygiene being a priority in this day and age, the solid surface finish is nonporous with a smooth seamless appearance, meaning there are no areas for dirt and germs to be trapped.

    With correct cleaning processes the solid surface material will not promote the growth of mould, mildew or bacteria.

    Omvivo products illustrate truly unique and luxuries collections and delivery superior quality, exceptional materials, original designs and value.

    Omvivo is the pioneer in the contemporary bathroom spaces for 27 years. Working closely with reputable developers, designers and discerning clientele, creating bathrooms that elevate residential projects, generate elegance and drama in hospitality solutions and provide luxurious yet professional commercial amenities.

    For more information on the Omvivo brand visit Omvivo.com.