Accessible Living Care Bathroom from – Banana Bathrooms

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Location: Broadmeadow NSW

Project Type: Private Residence
Designer: Banana Bathrooms

Product: Neo

Using a care bathroom doesn’t have to be a clinical experience and this stylish space settles that debate once and for all.

Function is key and we’ve designed a bathroom with accessibility in mind; use the extended length pan and motion sensor buttons with ease, while the Omvivo wall mounted basin means there’s space to get up close and personal with your morning wash routine. We know that an open layout can make the world of difference, so we’ve mounted multiple showering options at user-friendly heights with grab rails for support when you need it. The Grohe smart control means that shower time can start with the push of a button and end just as quickly, for your safety and the safety of the people you care for. Matte finish floor tiles are both practical and make a bold statement on the wall, where they’ll be a great background for your choice of bathroom accessories.

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