The Emerald

RRP: From

Location: 35 Albert Road, South Melbourne
Project Type: Luxury apartments
Architect: The Buchan Group
Interior Design: Hecker Guthrie
Developer: Golden Age
Product: Arki 700 and bespoke Arki cabinets
Photography: Shannon McGrath

The exclusive Emerald apartments in South Melbourne features custom designed and produced vanities by Omvivo for Hecker Guthrie.

Omvivo were approached by Hecker Guthrie who presented Omvivo with a vanity concept for the development. Omvivo took this concept and created a range of vanities to suit the projects specifications, from concept design and production all the way through to supplying the project.

“With a very specific design in mind, and wanting to create an open framed minimal vanity basin, we saw Omvivo as the perfect partnership to develop the conceptual ideas into a built form that would reflect the desired aesthetic for The Emerald building”.
Hecker Guthrie